About Us

Founded in early 2013 Lux Judaica is a Luxembourg based company that specializes in selling Hebraica and Judaica books and articles. Proud to be a part of this established tradition we specialize in books and Judaica objects from Central Europe and offer a wide range of prints, manuscripts and objects dating from the 16th century to present time.

Displaced Persons

After the Second World War between the years 1945-49 approximately 200,000 Jewish Displaced Persons found themselves in Germany and were placed in DP-Camps. Many photographs, prints, magazines and artifacts of religious and secular nature originate from there. Learn more

Survivors of Bergen Belsen in the port of Bremerhaven boarding the „MS Flasher“ on the way to the US


We specialize in manuscripts from 18th and 19th Century originating from the German speaking regions of Western Europe. Learn more

Letter of Chaim Schenker in different writing styles, 18th century


Our Judaica section include religious and everyday articles originating from Central Europe such as Pessach plates, Chanukkah candleholders, megillot and much more. Learn more

Pessach plate, Alsace, marked, Strasbourg 1749 Isenheim Hans Heinrich


Our always expanding range of Jewish historical materials include Jewish documents such as rabbinical correspondence, pamphlets, prints and Jewish community files reflecting day-to-day Jewish life and also the relationship of European Jews and their non-Jewish environment.Learn more

Collection Soncino Gesellschaft, Berlin 1924 – 1937

Old Prints

“Lux Judaica” offers an exclusive variety of rare and classic Hebraica and Judaica prints ranging from the 16th to the 19th century. Learn more

Page of the book Maase Tuwja, Jessnitz 1721